Our Objectives

The Pakistan Chamber of Commerce USA is dedicated to promoting trade, networking, and collaboration, with a special focus on empowering entrepreneurs. Our goal is to foster a vibrant business community, connecting Pakistani-American entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses to facilitate growth, innovation, and success.

Promotion of Trade:

The chamber aims to promote trade and commerce both domestically and internationally by creating a conducive environment for business development and expansion.

Advocacy and Lobbying:

the chamber acts as a voice for the business and community and advocates for their rights and interests through lobbying the government and other stakeholders.

Policy Recommendations:

The chamber provides policy recommendations to the government to improve the business climate, remove regulatory barriers, and promote economic growth.

Capacity Building:

The chamber provides training and capacity building programs to its members and the broader business community to enhance their skills and knowledge and improve their competitiveness.

Networking and Collaboration:

The chamber fosters networking and collaboration among its members and with other business organizations both nationally and internationally to create business opportunities and enhance economic growth.

Promotion of Entrepreneurship: The chamber promotes and supports entrepreneurship by providing guidance and assistance to entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.