Cost of Booths:

Booth prices are listed below

Please note that these prices are for three Days of Expo.

Please see our Expo lay out for booth location.

1. Booth 10×10 Basic Size 10ft x 10ft…………………….Price $2000 Booth D1-D39

2. Booth 10×10 Premium Size 10ft x 10ft……………Price $3000 Booth B1-B21

3. Booth 10×20 Basic Size 10ft x 20ft………………….Price $4000 Booth  C1-C4 

4. Booth 10×20 Premium Size 10ft x 20ft………….Price $5000 Booth A1-A5

5.Booth 8×8 Standard Size 8ft x 8ft………………….Price$ SOLD OUT Booth E1-E8 (LOCAL  VENDORS ONLY)

See Map for the Booth locations to Determine the Basic and Premium

What’s included in the booth.

Premium or Basic Booths (10×10)


  • Three-side drapery (8 feet high)

  • One draped table (6 feet)

  • Two chairs

  • Company name sign

  • WiFi password

  • One draped table

  • WiFi password

  • electric Connection

  • Two name tags with lanyard

  • Two Tickets for 15th October Dinner 

      Advertising package includes:

  • Magazine ads

  • Digital media ads

  • Social Media & Website promotion

  •  Expo Pamphlets with Booth and Business Information.

Premium or Basic (10x 20)


  • Three-side drapery (8 feet high)

  •  Two draped table (6 feet)

  • Four chairs

  • Company name sign

  • WiFi password

  •  One draped table

  • WiFi password

  • electric Connection

  • Two name tags with lanyard

  • Two Tickets for 15th October Dinner 

Advertising package includes:

  • Magazine ads

  • Digital media ads

  •  Social Media & Website promotion

 Expo Pamphlets with Booth and Business Information.

Standard Booth (8×8) Local Vendors only.


  • Three-side drapery (8 feet high)

  • One draped table (6 feet)

  • Two chairs

  • Company name sign

  • WiFi password

  •  One draped table

  • WiFi password

  • Electric Connection

  • Two name tags with lanyard

Payment for Booths:

Please fill out our exhibitor formOnce we Receive the information about your company. We will send you the payment details via Email address provided.you can make a payment using our international SWIFT code and banking details or You can choose to make the payment through our payment link or via an international wire transfer Please ensure to include your name and Company in the payment reference. Once the payment is confirmed, we will issue the necessary letter for your visa application. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at +1 (832) 436-8757 Or Email us at [email protected]


 Once we assign you a booth, we will enter into a contract with your company. Please carefully review the terms and conditions of the contract, which will outline the scope of our agreement. The contract will include details such as:

– Booth specifications and amenities

– Terms and conditions

– Cancellation policies

– Exhibition rules and regulations

– Other essential terms and conditions

Please ensure you understand all aspects of the contract before signing. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to support you throughout the process.

Exhibitor Registration:

Vendor registration will take place on Friday at 9am. Please visit our registration booth located at the entrance to collect your WiFi passwords, name tags, and floor plans. Our volunteers or Directors will be available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Exhibitor Set-Up and Event:


* Exhibitor Set-up: Thursday,October 10, 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

* Friday, October 11th, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM 

*Exhibitors allowed to begin Setup at 9:00 AM

Access to the loading dock will be available on the day of the Expo according to the time frame allotted.

Please be punctual.

* Exhibitor Tear-down: After Expo,

* Sunday 13th October 7:00 pm– 9:00 pm

Please note that the loading docks are located at the back of the building (please refer to the map). To ensure a smooth and fair process, we will assign time slots for loading dock access. You will be responsible for unloading and loading your items, and we regret that we cannot provide assistance.  Please be punctual, as we have a large number of vendors to accommodate. respect the scheduled times for entering and leaving the facility, as we have paid time slots allocated by the Stafford Center. Adhering to these times will ensure a smooth and efficient event, and we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.Loading docks reservations can be found in Exhibitors forms.

Visa Application letter:

Pakistan Business Expo 2024.

requirements for obtaining a letter to support a visa application, which includes:

1. Full payment for the booth

2. Applicant’s full name as it appears on their passport

3. Passport copy with name and number visible

4. Full name of the company as registered on official documents

Email:[email protected],

where the required information should be sent once the payment has been made.

Refund Policy

If your visa application is rejected, we offer a refund on a case-by-case basis. To qualify for a refund, please provide a copy of the rejection letter from the US Embassy. An administrative fee will be deducted from the refund amount, which will be a percentage of the total fee paid, dependent on the booth size.

Please note that refunds are only available in the event of a visa rejection. All other circumstances are non-refundable.

Lost and Found / Security:

The Chamber will provide basic security, and Stafford Police Department officers will be present on the facility premises to ensure a safe and secure environment for all attendees.
Please note that the Chamber is not responsible for any damage, lost or stolen items. The lost and found will be located at the registration table. If you lose or misplace an item during the event, please check with the registration staff to see if it has been turned in.


Our recommended hotel is Embassy Suites by Hilton (11730 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77079, PH: 281-531-7360). A discount code will be provided soon. If we make arrangements with any other hotel, we will update you. You can also make your own arrangements if you prefer.
The Chamber is not responsible for your meals, hotels, and transportation.

Expo vendor Directory:

Your company name will be featured in our expo directory, along with your booth number and a list of the products you sell. This will provide excellent visibility and exposure for your brand, making it easy for attendees to find and learn more about your business.

Floor Plans and Booth Assignments:

Please find attached floor plan. Once your booth number is assigned, we will email you with the number and confirmation. Additionally, your company will be listed in our vendor directory. Please note that booth assignments will be made based on your product description, so please ensure accuracy in your submission.

Meeting Rooms: 

Meeting rooms are available upon request on a first-come, first-served basis. Please confirm with your buyers the time of your meeting before booking. To reserve a room, please fill out the booking form to ensure availability.


If you wish to publish an advertisement for your company in our magazine, please see the attached form fill out information.This is a great opportunity to showcase your business and reach a wide audience. Don’t miss out!


Parking is free, for our Vendors but please note that you are responsible for your own belongings. Neither the Stafford Center nor the Chamber will be liable for any loss or damage to your items..We want to remind you to take responsibility for your own items and keep them safe.Please keep valuables secure and lock your vehicle to avoid any potential issues.Please park responsibly and obey all signs. Do not park in designated areas, such as handicap spaces without a valid permit, fire lanes, or near fire hydrants. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the safety and accessibility of our parking area.

Additional information:

Food vendors will be available on-site, but please note that you are responsible for purchasing your own meals. Additionally, please be mindful of cleanliness and properly dispose of trash in designated receptacles. Restrooms are located to the left-hand side of the facility. Thank you for helping us maintain a clean and enjoyable environment for all attendees.

The Pakistan Chamber of Commerce USA is excited to host an Expo 2024 event and we look forward to your participation! If you have any concerns, questions, or complaints, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Directors who will be happy to assist you.

           Our goal is to ensure everyone has a great time, and we look forward to seeing you soon!”







Please complete the following forms:

* Loading dock slot Reservation
* Meeting room Reservation
* Advertisemint for your Business.(Last date to Submit 15th August 2024)
* Company Sign and name tags (last date to submit 1st August 2024)

Please double-check the spelling of your company name Information and how you want it to appear on name tags and Magazines if you have a business card or logo please upload them. Once the forms are submitted and printed, we cannot make any changes. Please ensure accuracy to avoid any errors or discrepancies.

These forms must be submitted in advance to ensure a smooth and successful experience at our expo.